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Duvelisib approved for Relapsed and Refractory CLL after failing 2 lines of therapy

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For chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients, it is always good to have more options.

The FDA’s approval of duvelisib, a very effective PI3K inhibitor, will be a potent oral monotherapy option for CLL patients who have relapsed after two prior lines of therapy.

It is the second PI3K inhibitor approved for CLL coming after idelalisib, but unlike idelalisib, it can used on its own and inhibits both the PI3K-δ and PI3K-γ isoforms. Whether this is clinical significant, only time will tell.

It is not without its risks and potentially serious side effects, but they usually can be managed and are better understood these days. Clinicians have benefited from the experience with idelalisib.

Here is the official press release:

I am glad to have this new treatment.

We will soon post an interview with Dr. Matt Davids on the approval and where he sees it fitting in for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Stay strong. We are in this together

Brian Koffman, Volunteer Medical Director CLL Society