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Christopher Harington Dwyer

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Christopher Harington Dwyer

1946 – 2019

Sometimes when a giant falls, the crash is heard around the world.

Chris Dwyer was a towering pillar of the CLL community whose influence extended far beyond his work within his baby, CLL Canada.

His silence will be heard by patients and caregivers and health care providers in 6 continents that came to depend on his straight to the point factual underpinning of almost any CLL topic.

He was a generous friend, a dogged researcher, a truth seeker, an encyclopedic CLL sage, a Renaissance man, a revealing photographer, a powerful advocate and a true CLL Hero.

He had little tolerance for misinformation and pushed hard to make sure we all got the facts correct, that we were all armed with the best possible data, that we all felt supported.

Chris had all our backs.

His personal battles with CLL and Richter’s Transformation and other medical super villains are the stuff of legends, but he kept on giving and giving and giving until the very end.

I will miss him. We will all miss him.

Rest in peace, Chris. Your legacy of informing and buttressing patients will live forever. You have changed how patients cope and how their providers respond.

More about Chris’ life and his final wishes for donations to Lymphoma Coalition can be found here:

Brian Koffman

Chief Medial Officer and Executive VP, CLL Society