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Pilot Light

 by Nancy Salwin – Caregiver

It’s a sad feeling that creeps up in a day,
A lonely feeling that wants to stay.
I know I am part of a larger group
That needs an outstretched hand
To get back in the loop.

So many of us feel hurtful pain up and down,
Skies cloud over
In the slightest rain we drown.

But maybe we can make an unseemly shift
And connect kindly to ourselves with a personal gift.
Tapping a strength within or to whatever we love
Reaching out to those who hold a supporting glove.

Gathering hope from a higher order if we are apt to try
Retrieving a personal memory may boost us up high.
And let us feel a warmth
That might evolve from one soul
Igniting a pilot light to make us all whole.

© 2019 Nancy Salwin

Nancy Salwin is a CLL caregiver who finds comfort in support groups, meditation, and gentle yoga.


Originally published in The CLL Tribune Q2 2019.