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So Tired

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So tired.

I have been tired and sleepy for weeks now. Which is weird as my CLL is in a deep deep deep remission.

I first blamed it on stress- have a googol of problems weighing on me, but I usually cope well with pressure.

Been traveling >100,000 miles in the last 6 months including 2 hectic sleep robbing trips to Europe to lecture on CLL in June so I thought maybe jet lag. But I’ve been home for 10 days now, so that should have resolved by now.

Have an 18-wheeler full of to -dos ahead of me, but that isn’t all that unusual. One at a time is my mantra.

Been in increased pain due to my bone on bone osteoarthritic knees. I had a scare yesterday when I developed increased right calf pain and swelling in my foot. A quick Doppler showed no blood clot, but I do have significant excess fluids in my calf likely due to my arthritis and swelling around the knee. Pain can wear anyone down, but I am used to low grade pain.

Blood pressure and pulse are low normal and I don’t feel sick.

My labs are all great, not anemic, CLL is no where to be seen in the blood and no enlarged nodes. Blood chemistries are fine except for low protein. I do have some elevated inflammatory markers that don’t help my energy.

Checked my thyroid and it’s normal too. I don’t snore, so I doubt I have sleep apnea.

Tried my usual remedies- sleeping in, naps, dark chocolate, more exercise, less food, change of scenery. No help. Some ice coffee helps for a few hours.

Now I am switching to less swimming and more weight training, no naps and going to bed early.

And working anyway.

This too will pass.

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