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January 16, 2022

Ask the Doctor Question: I was diagnosed with CLL in 2001 and am one of the lucky ones who is treatment‑naive.  I have decided to get a Covid-19 antibody test, with the understanding that the results do not give the whole to picture of my risk should I get
Question: Regarding the COVID-19 Quantitative Spike Protein Antibody test, I know we do not know what level equals immunity, but what is the average immunocompetent person’s level (specifically for Lab Corp’s test in case different labs have different numbers)? Even if it doesn’t “mean anything,” it would be helpful
Ask the Doctor Question: What 3M N95 mask is best for SLL patients? Answer: The CDC provides quite a long list of approved manufacturers on their website here: Be careful about sellers who are advertising cheap N95’s as knockoffs under the wrong premise. For that reason, we recommend sticking
Ask the Doctor Question: I am an 80-year-old CLL patient in the watch and wait period, with as yet no clinical signs. My son died of cancer recently.  The family is having a memorial service in the Bay Area where we all live now, and a second service is planned in