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Reducing Sleep disTurbance in Cancer (REST-C)

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To qualify, you must be a blood cancer patient undergoing current treatment, be at least 18 years of age, be willing to download a smartphone app to your phone, and be able to read and understand English, among other eligibility criteria.

Randomly Assigned

You will be randomly assigned to one of two different groups, both of which last for 20 weeks and require using a smartphone app.

Complete Study Measures

You will be asked to complete online surveys and receive in-person blood draws at 3 time points throughout the study.

Track Sleep Data

You will also be asked to keep a daily sleep diary and wear an Oura Ring device on your finger throughout the study to track sleep data.

You could receive up to $75 for completing all study-related measures and surveys. To assess your eligibility, click here or scan the QR code to the right to be directed to the eligibility survey.