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Bruce Wright Joins the Welcome Home Podcast to Raise Awareness of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

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Bruce Wright is a CLL patient, chair of the CLL Society Patient Advisory Board, and a US Navy Veteran who served in the Vietnam War. Following his service, Bruce was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and prostate cancer. For some US military Veterans, the environmental exposures they are subject to during service can increase their risk of developing cancers like CLL and small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL). Bruce joined Welcome Home: A Podcast for Veterans, About Veterans, By Veterans to share his CLL journey and the services CLL Society has to offer.

Having lived with CLL for over a decade, Bruce now dedicates himself to paying it forward and helping other veterans receive the VA benefits they earned for serving their country. On the podcast, Bruce discusses the importance of “owning your disease” by being proactive in learning about CLL. He also shares the benefits of expert care and how CLL Society can connect individuals to a CLL expert physician through the Expert AccessTM Program.

Listen to Bruce’s Welcome Home podcast episode, From Battlefront to Homefront: A Vietnam Veteran’s Journey through Cancer and Advocacy.