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Brad Hedrick

By Keith Seagull – Patient Updated 10/3/2020: “I am happy to report that as of 9/30/2020 my Flow Cytometry Report has found no evidence of residual/recurrent chronic lymphocytic leukemia. That means that for the first time in 16 1/2 years I have now been declared cancer/leukemia free!!   This
The uncertainties of life can be daunting and managing the unpredictability of our everyday is never easy. Is there any real way to prepare ourselves for life’s most random and unexpected situations?
I think of myself as an aging starlet; although, I have never in my life been in a movie. I have always loved being a woman and despite the fact of being of a certain age, I love to dress up in funky leggings and platforms and put my
We’re pleased to share with you the testimonial story of Dan & Jodi Symes in praise of CAR-T. Dan’s Large B-Cell lymphoma failed to respond to 2 rounds of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, prompting his physician to speculate that he had only a couple of months to