Learning to Decode Your Blood Test Results for CLL

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

10:00 AM PT, 11:00 AM MT, 12:00 PM CT, 1:00 PM ET (Duration 60 minutes)


Do you ever look at your blood test results from the lab and feel like you are reading Latin? Or you see a result that is outside of the normal range and aren’t quite sure if you should be concerned? Join CLL Society and Dr. Susan Leclair for this valuable webinar. You will learn how to interpret your blood test results and gain a better understanding of why they are critical to track in CLL. Dr. Leclair will explain what information in these reports are the most important, discuss how blood results can constantly change, and provide explanations as to why.


Susan Leclair, PhD, CLS (NCA) is Chancellor Professor Emerita at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; Senior Scientist at Forensic DNA Associates; and participates as a moderator and speaker for Patient Power and CLL Society events. She is also on the Medical Advisory Board for CLL Society.


Patty Koffman 
CLL Society 


Brian Koffman, MDCM (retired), MS Ed
CLL Society 


Susan Leclair, PhD, CLS (NCA)
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

This program was made possible by grant support from Adaptive Biotechnologies and Bristol Myers Squibb.