Patient, Know Thyself

Patient, Know Thyself Mark Hoffman is a long-time CLL patient advocate and facilitator of the CLL Society Patient & Caregiver Support... Details

David’s Story

David’s Story (Expert Access & Test Before Treat™) This is just a brief note to tell you about the important impact you... Details

Michelle’s Story

Michelle’s Story When I was first diagnosed in April 2018, my WBC was at 55k, my local Hematologist performed the FISH... Details

Heather’s Story

Heather’s Story Diagnosed Aug 2018 as a 54-year-old female, with SLL via node biopsy. CT showed extensive lymphadenopathy, very bulky disease,... Details

Gary’s Story

Gary’s Story I question if my doctor should have genetic tested me before treating me with Bendamustine in December 2013 and... Details

Bruce’s Story

Bruce’s Story I was diagnosed accidentally in 2001 during investigation of a single swollen cervical node. My community oncologist at Maine Medical... Details

Tammi’s Story

Tammi’s Story August 2019 I was diagnosed with CLL in June of 2014. Like most CLL patients, I was originally placed on... Details

Stephen’s Story

Stephen’s Story At the time of my initial diagnosis -- and not because I knew any better, because I knew nothing... Details

Liz’s Story

Liz’s Story I was diagnosed July of 2018 by a local oncologist, CLL stage 4.  He wanted to treat me immediately with BR.... Details

Lisa’s Story

Lisa's Story I was diagnosed February 6, 2018. I began immediate treatment for B-symptoms (have had them since 2008) – completed... Details