Welcome to everything related to Testing!

Appropriate testing is critical at all stages of the CLL journey and is distinct and different at each stage, from diagnosis, to planning therapy (Test Before Treat™), and finally, to monitoring the disease and its response to therapy, including checking for MRD, which may help guide us as to when we might be able to stop treatment or give us an indication that we might need to change it.

Diagnostic Testing

It is important to know what needs to be done at the time of diagnosis, and perhaps more importantly, what is not needed, such as routine scans and bone marrow biopsies.

Test Before Treat™

As our knowledge about the biology of CLL has exploded, we now know that doing appropriate predictive and prognostic testing before starting any therapy ensures the best chance for a good outcome. These Test Before Treat™ tests should not be dismissed as optional. Specific test results can make it readily apparent that some commonly prescribed CLL drugs are unlikely to be effective for a particular patient. Critical treatment decisions will be made based on the results of these tests.

MRD and Disease Monitoring

We need to know when to start treatment, how well the treatment is working, and when we might be able to stop treatment. Many major advances have been made in measuring our amount of disease, now giving us the ability to look for minimal amounts of residual disease (MRD) down to being able to detect one cancer cell among a million normal cells.