The coronavirus pandemic is changing quickly, and we especially need to stay up to date due to our increased risk of a more serious disease course should we become infected. The CLL Society will provide frequent medically curated updates and news, both general and specific to our community on this special section until the crisis has passed.

CLL Society Official Statements

CLL Society has authored Official Statements to help you help your healthcare providers understand CLL patients’ unique vulnerabilities to COVID-19 and our higher risks of serious complications.

COVID-19 Updates

When appropriate, the CLL Society will be posting updates and background information on the present Coronavirus pandemic focusing on reliable primary sources of information and avoiding most of the news that is not directly from reliable medical experts or government and world health agencies.

CLL Society COVID-19 Virtual Community Meeting

Thanks to all who attended our last event on June 18! In case you couldn’t make it or would like to review the discussion again, the meeting has now been archived here!

Past archived meetings:

CLL Society Postponements or Rescheduling

We have been diligently monitoring the evolving issues related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Out of an abundance of caution, CLL Society has canceled all Support Group meetings for March. We are assessing the situation daily and are looking at all options, including virtual meetings. Thanks for your understanding and flexibility in this rapidly changing situation. We have also postponed the next 4 patient educational forums including 2 in conjunction with Mayo, 1 in MN and 1 in AZ, the 1 at Dana Farber in Boston, and the one at Norton Cancer Institute in Louisville. We hope to reschedule these for the summer or offer virtual webinars in their place. Check here and on the links below to learn the latest status of our support groups and educational forums.

Ask the Expert about Coronavirus

We are very grateful to Dr. Furman for his generosity in answering the many questions he receives. We also are thankful to have Tom Henry for pharmacy questions, Dr. Susan Leclair for all things lab, and Dr. Ed Ratner for your questions re: palliative and end of life care. Have question? Scroll to the CLL Toolbox section at bottom of this page and choose the appropriate button.

Remember that we cannot give medical advice and any suggestions should be reviewed with your treating doctors.

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The Big Picture: Comments, Coping Strategies, and Musing on COVID-19

This medical pandemic may bring light to some corners of our society, our health systems, and own psyches that are used to living in the dark. And that is a good thing.

Expert Access Program

Telemedicine is a great tool to receive a second opinion without going to the hospital or your doctor’s office. You can see an expert CLL physician, at no cost, for a second opinion using our easy online platform, apply here. This program is open to all U.S. patients with a CLL diagnosis. If you have used the program before, you may reapply if you need new clinical advice.