Limited Time Offer to the CLL/SLL Community

Glenn Sabin has graciously offered a free e-copy of his book n of 1 to the CLL/SLL community and we are grateful for his generosity!

In his book, n of 1, CLL patient Glenn Sabin shares his insights on how his radical shift in lifestyle knocked back his cancer, twice, while going out of his way to affirm that his story only applies to his case at that moment in time.

Today there are remarkably effective targeted therapies that weren’t available when Glenn faced his chronic lymphocytic leukemia diagnosis.

CLL Society urges all its readers to first and foremost get their best possible care from a team that includes a hematologist who is an expert in CLL/SLL and, at the same time, do what you can to strengthen your body and mind for the journey ahead.

CLL Society echoes Glenn’s statement: Ultimately, as the title of my book suggests, we are each an “n of 1″—a study of one.

This e-book is offered for free for a limited time. CLL Society is invested in your long life. Please invest in the long life of CLL Society by making a small donation today when you download the book. Your contribution makes vital education, research, and support resources available because those living with CLL deserve access to their best possible care.

“I strongly support the mission of the CLL Society and its invaluable contribution to improving the lives of those living with CLL/SLL. I am thrilled to offer an e-copy of n of 1 free of charge. For those who can afford to give, no sum is too small. 100% of the proceeds go to supporting the Society’s amazing educational and research programs and initiatives. Please give what you can.”

Glenn Sabin
Author, n of 1

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UPDATE (4/6/2022): If you are having trouble receiving the full e-book of n of 1, please note the following information about the file types offered:

.EPUB file will be sent to the Apple “Books” app that should automatically be on any Apple device such as an iPhone, Mac computer, or iPad. Click the “Download” button, then go to your downloads folder and when you click to open the file it will automatically open in your Apple “Books” app and be saved in that library.

.MOBI file will be sent to your Kindle. You must have the Kindle app downloaded on the device you are using. We recommend using the “Download” button for this option and not the “Send to Kindle” button. Click the “Download” button, then go into your downloads folder and click to open the file, it should open in the Kindle app, as long as you have the Kindle app downloaded on the device you are using.