Quarter 1 2020: Volume 6 Issue 1

Welcome to the First 2020 Issue of The CLL Society Tribune

Dear Friends and Supporters of the CLL Society,

In these days of COVID-19 it is helpful to remain calm and remember that this, too, shall pass. Directing awareness towards “the helpers” in our CLL journey is a good place to focus attention and will position us in good stead.

Dr. Koffman’s “Did You Know? Coronavirus Edition” in this issue of the CLL Tribune offers a handful of basic information currently known about COVID-19.

Deb Kirkland alerts us to “Patient navigators” who can significantly shortcut patients’ access to beneficial services.

Writer Joe A. meticulously charts his own health history and doesn’t wait for “medical records” to make the introduction to or inform his new HCP. Will you emulate this?

Pharmacist Tom Henry gives a thorough run-through on acalabrutinib (Calquence®).

Dr. Chaitra Ujjani will investigate “fixed duration” therapy in her upcoming Veneto-Stop clinical trial.

Our ever-popular “Ask the Experts” columns bring answers to your questions.

We would like to thank Therese Conlin for helping us proof-read these articles.

During COVID-19 we newly appreciate the enduring value of the lessons we learned in Kindergarten: Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, give others space.

If you or a loved one has been helped by the CLL Society, please consider making a donation.

Thank you and be well!

Patty Koffman

Living Well With CLL

How I Got CLL and wound up in Chicago

By By David Lefkowitz – Patient

A personal story of coming to the end of “watch & wait” and navigating the expanding universe of treatment options. … Read more

We have come so far in treating CLL and still the final questions remain unchanged

By Brian Koffman – Patient

Dr. Koffman introduces this New York Times story set in 2003 when there were no treatment options for CLL. … Read more

Preparations for Doctor Appointments

By Joe A. – Patient

It is important to be organized to ensure that your doctors have the best record of your medical history. Here is the way I prepare for my medical visits. … Read more

In Memory of Janet Morrison

By Patricia Koffman

A fond farewell to our friend.Read more

Ask & Tell

Reader Poll Results: Your BIGGEST Wish

During October through December 2019, the CLL Society conducted a poll among readers of The CLL Society Tribune asking about their BIGGEST Wish as we looked toward 2020 and beyond. … See the results!

Our Next Survey: COVID-19

COVID-19 is the big news. We have a 3-question survey about how it is effecting the CLL community. … Read more!

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Did You Know?

CLL Facts

By Brian Koffman, MD

This Did You Know will focus on background science of the coronavirus and its historic epidemiology. … Read more

The Basics

The Evolving Role of the Patient Navigator

By Deb Kirkland, RN, BSN, MPH, CN-BN

Learn more about the important role of the patient navigator and how you can get involved in patient advocacy. … Read more

Beyond The Basics

Things to Know About Acalabrutinib

By Thomas E Henry III, MBA, RPh, CPh

Learn more about this breakthrough in the treatment of CLL. … Read more

Conference Coverage

ASH 2019: Dr. Chaitra Ujjani on the Veneto-STOP Study

By Brian Koffman, MD

At the ASH 2019 meeting, in Orlando, Florida in December, we discussed the important Veneto-STOP trial that examines the best time to stop venetoclax when treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia. … Watch The Interview

Ask The Doctor

Questions submitted by readers and answered by our CLL Society experts

By Richard Furman, MD

Dr. Richard Furman of Weill-Cornell Medical College answers readers’ questions submitted to the CLL Society…Read more

Ask The Pharmacist

Questions submitted by readers and answered by our CLL Society experts

By Thomas E Henry III, MBA, RPh, CPh

Thomas E Henry III, MBA, RPh, CPh from Burlington Consulting Associates answers readers’ pharmacy questions submitted to the CLL Society…Read more

Ask The Lab Scientist

Questions submitted by readers and answered by experts in the field

By Susan J. Leclair, PhD, CLS (NCA)

Susan J. Leclair from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth answers readers’ lab scientist questions submitted to the CLL Society…Read more

Ask the Hospice/Palliative Care Doctor

Questions submitted by readers and answered by experts in the field

By Ed Ratner, MD

Dr. Ratner at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center answers readers’ hospice/palliative care questions submitted to the CLL Society…Read more

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