Quarter 3 2021: Volume 7 Issue 3

Welcome to the Third 2021 Issue of The CLL Society Tribune

While CLL Society is known to unfailingly cover the developing clinical science as it relates to CLL, arming you with facts to increase your ability to advocate for your best possible care, in this issue we bring you more patient stories and articles. Contributing authors share soul, spirit, humor, mental grappling with statistics, a sober look at the boundless range of topics that support group leaders embrace, a romp through the architecture of immunity, reassurance that asking a question is a sign of strength (not weakness), and a successful CAR-T story. Our writers tell, teach, and riff! We hope you enjoy this issue of the CLL Society Tribune. Stay safe and have a happy autumn.

Patty Koffman
Co-Founder & Communications Director
CLL Society

Living Well With CLL

Support Groups: In Sickness and In Health

By Stephen Feldman – Patient

The nature of a support group is to create a safe space that can hold, absorb, and help its members process the full spectrum of experiences encountered as we learn to live with the reality of a CLL diagnosis. Read more

CAR-T: A Success Story

By Paul Bildstein – Patient

Paul writes about his CAR-T success and how he believes it was the right choice for him. Read more

Why Are Men Hiding?

By Peter Titlebaum, EdD – Patient

Peter shares his insight on why is it that men do not usually reach out for help from a support group.  Read more

Ask & Tell

Our New Survey: Patient and Caregiver Feedback

Please take a moment to complete our brief, reader survey regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and treatment decisions, mental health challenges, and taking medication. Read more.

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Did You Know?

CLL Facts:
Immunity Part 2

By Brian Koffman, MDCM (retired), MSEd

Dr. Koffman continues his outline on immunity and CLL.  Read more

The Basics

Introduction to Immunity Part 2

By Susan J. Leclair, PhD, CLS (NCA)

This is the second part of Dr. Leclair’s introduction on the ways that your immune system tries to protect you. She will review the specific defense system or the immune response.  Read more

Beyond The Basics

Learning What Is Common As a Group

By Susan J. Leclair, PhD, CLS (NCA)

Part two of Dr. Leclair’s break down of the fundamentals of statistics with a focus on group commonalities. Read more

Ask The Experts

Questions submitted by readers and answered by our CLL Society experts. Read more

Conference Coverage

ASH2020/EHA 2021: Dr. Jennifer Woyach on Protein Kinase C-Beta Inhibitor MS-553 for Relapsed/Refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

By Ann Liu, PhD

At the annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) 2020 our own Dr. Brian Koffman interviewed Dr. Jennifer Woyach, a professor of medicine and hematologist at the James Cancer Center of the Ohio State University. They discussed an ongoing phase 1 clinical trial testing the safety of protein kinase C-beta inhibitor MS-553 in patients with relapsed/refractory CLL.  Watch The Interview

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