Quarter 4 2018: Volume 4 Issue 4

Welcome to the Fourth 2018 Issue of The CLL Society Tribune

Welcome to the CLL Society Tribune!

At this time of year, one cannot miss the bright lights of Hanukkah candles and Christmas decor. They are beacons of unity, thanksgiving, and hope…just the things the CLL Society embodies. We bring patients, caregivers, and blood cancer specialists together through our website, educational forums, patient support groups, interviews with specialists around the world, and more—including this quarterly newsletter.

We are thankful for the patients and caregivers who share their experiences, for the doctors who provide us with insights on our disease, and the researchers who share information about the latest in blood cancer research. And, we are so hopeful for a cure. Over this last year, many have benefitted from new therapies and our knowledge of CLL has increased exponentially. We invite you to share in the spirit of thanksgiving and hope through this last issue of the year of The CLL Tribune. Because we’re all in this together. If you or a loved one has been helped by the CLL Society, please consider making a donation.

Janet Morrison

Living Well With CLL

The Importance of Getting the Correct Diagnosis

By Charles Londo – Patient

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Mono Clonal B cell Lymphocytosis and told that it may or may not ever turn into CLL and I was also told that I could pretty much do what I wanted. ….Read more

You Are Strong

By Ryan Chappell – Patient

Have you ever been to the business meetings, the sales meetings, let’s-motivate- our-people meetings and heard a speaker that had a really cool job? ”…Read more

CLL … And Life Goes On

By Tom Bostock – Patient

Did you ever have one of those days when it just didn’t pay to get out of bed; one of those kiss the door, slam your wife, put your pants to bed and hang over the chair days?Read more

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Did You Know?

CLL Facts

By Brian Koffman, MD

This quarter’s Tribune will review predictive testing, CAR-T, and life expectancy…Read more

The Basics

Managing the Cost of CLL Care

By Thomas E Henry III, MBA, RPh, CPh

One of the common concerns that I hear expressed when I interact with other CLL patients particularly those who are in a Watch and Wait Status is, “Will I be able to afford care?” … Read more

Beyond The Basics


By Susan Leclair

First starting from a stem cell that is only found in the bone marrow, one can think of platelets as the broken off pieces of cytoplasm of the cell megakaryocyte. … Read more

Conference Coverage

ASH 2018: Professor Hillmen on Venetoclax Resistance in CLL

By Brian Koffman, MD

Please enjoy my 5-minute interview with Dr. Hillmen who is not only a great clinician and researcher, but also a gifted teacher  … Watch The Interview

Ask & Tell

New Caregiver Survey and Results of How Much Do We Think About CLL

The topic for the 2018 Q4 CLL Society Tribune ASK & Tell Survey is the unmet, and too often unrecognized, needs of caregivers. Both patients and caregivers are invited to address these questions about their personal experience … Read more

Ask The Doctor

Questions submitted by readers and answered by our CLL Society experts

By Richard Furman, MD

Dr. Richard Furman of Weill-Cornell Medical College answers readers’ questions submitted to the CLL Society…Read more

Ask The Pharmacist

Questions submitted by readers and answered by our CLL Society experts

By Thomas E Henry III, MBA, RPh, CPh

Thomas E Henry III, MBA, RPh, CPh from Burlington Consulting Associates answers readers’ pharmacy questions submitted to the CLL Society…Read more

Ask The Lab Scientist

Questions submitted by readers and answered by our CLL Society experts

By Susan J. Leclair

Susan J. Leclair from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth answers readers’ lab scientist questions submitted to the CLL Society…Read more

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