Blood Cancer Awareness Month is a time dedicated to recognizing all those living with all types of blood cancer. Here at CLL Society we are devoted to supporting individuals living with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and their care and support network.

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) is not only the most common adult leukemia, but it is also the most common adult blood cancer. On average, 20,000 adults in the US are diagnosed with CLL annually. Each September provides a chance for the CLL community to come together and advocate to be seen and understood by the rest of the world.

CLL Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to patient advocacy and support. As the only US based nonprofit organization that is focused solely on CLL, we are committed to making Blood Cancer Awareness Month purposeful for our CLL community.

Throughout the month of September, the CLL community gains a space to raise awareness, bolster education, and share their stories about their disease. We are proud to be celebrating Blood Cancer Awareness Month alongside the CLL community. We are also excited to be a part of three awareness days during the month of September that are all connected to chronic lymphocytic leukemia: World CLL Day (September 1st), World Leukemia Day (September 4th), and World Lymphoma Awareness Day (September 15th).

World CLL Day: September 1, 2021

Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2021 is extra special to us as it will begin with the launch of the first every World CLL Day on September 1st. World CLL Day was started in partnership with CLL Advocates Network as a day dedicated to raising awareness of CLL and the increased difficulties individuals living with the disease face, especially during a global pandemic. On this first-ever World CLL Day, we want to send a message of thanks to all those getting vaccinated! You are helping to protect our immunocompromised community that doesn’t gain the same immunity benefits as healthy people from the vaccine.

To get involved with the World CLL Day Campaign, post a picture of yourself with an umbrella. Umbrellas can be used as a shield to proactively protect yourself and others. Sharing a picture of you and an umbrella is the perfect way to show you support the CLL community; or that you are thankful to others for protecting you by getting the vaccine. Be sure to include the campaign hashtags in your post: #meandmyumbrella #WCLLD21 #immunitycommunity

To find out more about what World CLL Day means to those living with CLL, watch the video below.

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