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Dr. Brian Koffman gives his updated medical report, post CAR-T for CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia: “My first imaging (MRI) since leaving Seattle for home post CAR-T was a few weeks ago, about 21 months post CAR-T and it found “that all my lymph nodes had shrunk to normal size
In the Dec 23, 2019 episode of Hidden Forces, “Demetri Kofinas speaks with Brian Koffman, a doctor turned CLL patient, whose patient education and advocacy efforts have given hope and encouragement to CLL cancer patients everywhere.” “Brian Koffman is extraordinary, in many ways. He’s extraordinary in the medical sense
Lab results one and half years post CAR-T therapy are very good. My absolute lymphocyte count is low- about 1,000. Not much room for cancer to hide there. I am not anemic. Hemoglobin is in the middle of the normal range for the first time in forever. My platelets