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Is it a good idea to take 750mg of OTC Betaine HCL with Calquence to provide a temporary increase in acid?

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Ask the Pharmacist Question:

I’m going into my fifth month of Calquence. For some 30 years I had taken 15mg of Prevacid twice a day for reflux. I stopped the Prevacid initially because it reduces the effectiveness of Calquence, and tried to get by with Famotinine and tums, but the constant indigestion was so bad I had to resume the Prevacid. I take it twice a day, at least two-hours after the Calquence.
I have now started taking 750mg of OTC Betaine HCL with the Calquence to provide a temporary increase in acid for the Calquence. Is that a good idea?

Answer: We do not know of any way that this supplement that increases methylation processes would increase stomach acid. We would recommend speaking with your CLL specialist about your concerns, since they will know the full spectrum of your medical history as well as all the other medications you are taking.