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CLL Society’s Research Program Selection and Review Process

CLL Society recognizes the importance of including expertise from healthcare professionals in the field of CLL and SLL to guide our Research Program award decisions. Those working at the ground level treating patients, many of whom are already involved in research themselves, have the greatest understanding of what needs remain and can best identify the most promising research proposals for CLL Society to fund.

This is why CLL Society established a Research Review Committee (RRC) for each available grant, which is comprised of members from our dedicated Medical Advisory Board and volunteers from our Expert Medical Council. Each RRC is comprised of a chair and co-chair who will be responsible for assigning the research proposals to reviewers on the committee based on conflict-of-interest declarations. Each research application will have a primary, secondary, and collateral peer reviewer. Reviewers will score and critique each application within ProposalCentral in the following areas: Significance, Investigator, Innovation, Approach, and Environment.

The Research Review Committee will carefully evaluate and score each research proposal based on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) rating scale criteria. The highest-scoring proposals are then presented to CLL Society’s Medical Advisory Board for final discussion and selection of each grant’s Awardee.

All applicants are evaluated on the basis of scientific and technical merit and how well their proposal fits within CLL Society’s Research Program objectives. Regardless of the outcome, all applicants will receive a response delivered to their email that is generated by ProposalCentral once decisions are final.

CLL Society reserves the right to not grant the Award should the Research Review Committee determine that none of the proposals received met the necessary criteria and standards set forth within the funded opportunity.