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CLL Society - Policy Institute

CLL Society's Policy Institute

CLL Society’s Policy Institute serves as the formal advocacy engine of CLL Society. The Policy Institute is designed to advocate on behalf of our patient and caregiver community surrounding policy issues that may potentially affect those living with CLL and SLL. We are relentlessly working behind the scenes with key government officials to make our voices known and direct change on key legislative initiatives.

CLL Society's Policy Institute is Focused on Three Key Pillars:

Needs of the Immunocompromised

COVID-19 shed light on the need for CLL Society to regularly engage with government officials on behalf of our immunocompromised community. Our work on behalf of the estimated seven million immunocompromised Americans will not be over when the world transitions from the pandemic to the endemic phase.


Regulations that ensure access to adequate and affordable healthcare for all individuals living with CLL and SLL is of the utmost importance. We must also advocate to protect equitable and quality cancer care for every person, regardless of their demographic, socioeconomic status, or geographic location.


It is crucial to address legislative efforts that may potentially slow down the development of better medications to treat CLL and SLL. We must continually seek to improve processes and increase FDA engagement with patient advocacy organizations through their Oncology Center of Excellence.

Sign Up for Future CLL Society's Policy Action Alerts

Communicating with government officials is an important way in which we can use our collective voices to advocate for change. By signing up for Policy Action Alerts, as CLL Society identifies opportunities for CLL patients and/or caregivers to share their stories with government officials, you will receive a notification via email request. We will provide you with a description of the policy issue, why it is important to those affected by CLL / SLL, and provide some standardized email language that you can then edit and personalize before sending it along to your representatives.

Protecting Innovation in Rare Cancers (PIRC) Coalition

In 2023, CLL Society’s Policy Institute was proud to launch the PIRC Coalition, which focuses on the needs of the rare cancer community in relation to the relevant provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act. More information about PIRC can be found at

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