Education On-Demand

Education On-Demand

The varied educational activities offered by CLL Society are your  opportunities to learn basic information, dive deep into specific topics, or stay abreast of cutting-edge news and research presented in the form of webinars, educational forums, and other learning modules.


Recorded Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Please join CLL Society as we continue to strengthen your learning about CAR-T. Dr. John Pagel will bring the beginner up to pace about CAR-T therapy and other immunotherapies, how they work, and where the science is leading.  Dr. Tanya Siddiqi will present current data on the success of CAR-T therapy for CLL, with and without ibrutinib. Dr. Larry and Sharon Saltzman will share their CLL CAR-T journey from the doctor-turned-patient and caregiver point of view. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.


Virtual community meetings are where we assemble a wide variety of CLL experts to present news and research related to COVID-19. They explain how it specifically affects CLL patients and answer your questions. See all of these important meetings on demand by going to our Virtual Community Meetings page.