Education On-Demand

Education On-Demand

The varied educational activities offered by CLL Society are your  opportunities to learn basic information, dive deep into specific topics, or stay abreast of cutting-edge news and research presented in the form of webinars, educational forums, and other learning modules.


Recorded Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Cellular therapies are a special type of immunotherapy that use cells, a “living drug”, to treat CLL/SLL. CAR-T is a revolutionary therapy in CLL and other blood cancers, which is currently available through clinical trials. Learn more about this “living drug” and other cellular therapy options for CLL patients with Dr. Mazyar Shadman.



Virtual community meetings are where we assemble a wide variety of CLL experts to present news and research related to COVID-19. They explain how it specifically affects CLL patients and answer your questions. See all of these important meetings on demand by going to our Virtual Community Meetings page.


Four world-class CLL physicians reviewed the latest research and offered case study examples to illustrate their new approaches to treating CLL. The panel, sponsored by the Peer Review Institute and the CLL Society, was for medical professionals and is quite comprehensive in terms of clinical trial data as well
Dr. Koffman also shares the lessons he learned along his battle including how to work with experts and how to be strategic in making choices that have direct impact on your health and well-being.