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Update 8 Years – Captivate Trial

I am pleased to give a 8 year update.
I was first diagnosed in January of 2016. You can see my 3 year article update here. I unfortunately progressed quickly having large lymph nodes and my FISH test revealing 55% 17p deleted and trisomy 12.

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CAR-T: A Success Story

By Paul Bildstein – Patient I was diagnosed in 2009 at age 60 with CLL (Trisomy 12, unmutated) after a routine blood test. Initially on watch and wait, I was treated with FCR in 2012. The remission only lasted a year and by then I was also 17p deleted. Ibrutinib

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Why I Participate in a Clinical Trial

By Julia Walsh – Patient When I was diagnosed in 2013, my treatment options were limited.  I saw a community hematology-oncology doctor who told me that I would likely receive FCR, or chemotherapy, as my first line of treatment.  And he was correct – the new targeted inhibitors like ibrutinib

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