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Benefit from the real-world experience of fellow patients and caregivers as they share what they learned from participating in clinical trials.

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CAR-T: A Success Story

By Paul Bildstein – Patient I was diagnosed in 2009 at age 60 with CLL (Trisomy 12, unmutated) after a routine blood test. Initially on watch and wait, I was treated with FCR in 2012. The remission only lasted a year and by then I was also 17p deleted. Ibrutinib

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Why I Participate in a Clinical Trial

By Julia Walsh – Patient When I was diagnosed in 2013, my treatment options were limited.  I saw a community hematology-oncology doctor who told me that I would likely receive FCR, or chemotherapy, as my first line of treatment.  And he was correct – the new targeted inhibitors like ibrutinib

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Terry Evans - CLL Society

Terry Evans Discusses Clinical Trials

My friend and fellow CLL patient and long time member of our local Orange County CLL Support Group, Terry Evans shares his real life experience with being in clinical trials. Thank you Terry Terry Evans recorded 1/13/15

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