Checklists for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Preparing for Pre- and Post-COVID-19 Exposure

Downloading and completing the CLL Society's COVID-19 Action Plan could save your life.

Complete and print this action plan, which will help you prepare in advance for possible exposure, testing positive, time sensitive therapies, and home management, including what you need for safe isolation, and much more. Preparing in advance can minimize the panic that many experience when exposed or diagnosed because you will have a written plan to guide you. If you do only one thing to protect yourself and your loved ones during the pandemic, please complete your family’s COVID-19 Action Plan. The life you save might be your own.

The worst of the pandemic may be behind us, but COVID-19 remains a serious risk for chronic lymphocytic patients and likely will be for some time to come.

By following CLL Society’s Recommendations for COVID-19 Vaccinated Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Patients Based on the CDC Updated Considerations for People who are Immunocompromised and on the Underlying Data, the odds are very good one will never need these checklists, but it is always best to plan ahead.

Vaccines and even masks and social distancing, though excellent at slowing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, will never be 100% protective for everyone, especially the immune-compromised.

This is another reason that it is very important to know exactly where you can go to receive monoclonal antibody therapy for COVID-19. Monoclonal antibodies must be received within 10 days of infection (and for those with CLL, receive A.S.A.P. after known exposure). Search this map to find locations near you that have monoclonal antibody therapy available.

The time to prepare for exposure and even infection is now, not post-exposure or when diagnosed with COVID-19. In the worst case, illness and fear can cloud your judgment when you might need to be at your best, thinking clearly and acting quickly.

These simple checklists should be completed, printed out in advance, and stored in an easily accessible place.

This should minimize most last-minute scrambles for documents and any hurried search for appropriate healthcare with the expertise and access to the best possible treatments, such as monoclonal antibodies, which are tailored to the needs of an immunocompromised CLL patient.

Print, complete, and put aside these five documents:

  1. Directions for Completing the COVID-19 Planning Checklist
  2. COVID-19 Planning Checklist: Complete Prior To Exposure
  3. COVID-19 Known Exposure Checklist
  4. Household Isolation Plan
  5. COVID-19 Action Plan: Do These Things After Testing Positive for COVID-19

We hope you never need them. But complete them now just in case.

Stay strong, we are all in this together.

Brian Koffman MDCM (retired) MS Ed
Co-Founder, Executive VP and Chief Medical Officer
CLL Society, Inc.