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Stories and Testimonials

There are some things that only one patient can tell another. This is where you will find patients and caregivers sharing their most personal stories and their best advice about how they have survived their illness.


Patient Advice - Paying it Forward

CLL Society asked CLL / SLL patients what advice they have from their own personal journey that they would like to share with people recently diagnosed with CLL.

We received great advice and we are sharing it with you! Please check out this page for short videos of patient advocates sharing what they wish they had known or prepared for so you will be ready too.

Patient Stories


I am pleased to give a 8 year update. I was first diagnosed in January of 2016. You can see my 3 year article update here. I unfortunately progressed quickly having large lymph nodes and my FISH test revealing 55% 17p deleted and trisomy 12.