COVID-19 has recently been the defining problem for the world at large, but it has had an oversized impact on immunocompromised CLL patients. CLL Society will keep you up to date on the latest research and guidelines.

In this section, we offer a broad range of content from a variety of authors. Read these articles to sharpen your understanding of how the world is adapting in response to our COVID concerns and how our fellow CLL patients have been affected.

Despite doing everything right, CLL patient Rick Field still contracted COVID-19, likely due the double hit his already impaired immunity took from his trial of the dyad of venetoclax which lowers the neutrophils and obinutizumab that wipes out the B cells and with them, the body’s ability to form
Soon after my retirement and relocation to Northern California, I had a “new patient” visit to establish medical providers in my new community. The new patient visit led to an obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis which resulted in the recommendation to have my tonsils removed. As part of the pre-operative