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COVID-19 Updates

Being immunocompromised mandates that those living with CLL and SLL stay well- informed in order to plan ahead. Performing individualized risk-assessments based on the most recent data available help to keep us informed so we can know how to advocate for receiving the best possible care should COVID-19 infection occur.

As needed, CLL Society posts updates and provides background information on new research in an effort to keep our community informed. The information presented will remain focused on reliable scientific sources of information and avoid most of the news that is not directly coming from reliable medical experts or government and world health agencies.



The CLL Nurses Note: The Importance of Advocating for Your Safety in Healthcare Settings

We have for a very long time known that those with CLL / SLL are at risk for having difficulty fighting off infections. We have also been keenly aware of the increased morbidity and mortality associated with those who acquire pneumonia. But the COVID-19 pandemic as really put a spotlight on the increased infection risks and the impaired immune response of those with CLL / SLL more than ever before.