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The CLL Society Inc. is a patient–centric, physician–curated nonprofit organization focused on
patient education, support and research. Dedicated to addressing the unmet needs of the (CLL) chronic lymphocytic leukemia and
related blood cancer communities, we explain the rapidly changing therapeutic landscape and the importance of clinical trials,
support and build patient networks, engage in research and educate providers and patients.

What’s New in CLL?

  • CLL Society worked with CURE magazine to provide panel members to discuss their CLL journey and the changing way CLL should be treated in this nice series of 5 short videos.
  • At ASH 2019, Dr. Brown shared the exciting first in human trial data for LOXO 305 that has a new way to block BTK that is different than ibrutinib or acalabrutinib.
  • The Coronavirus appears to spreading beyond China. For more and a link to the CDC, we are reminding you of this brief note.
  • We have so many great drugs to treat CLL. How to sequence them is unclear, but Dr. Mato presents some reassuring data that when we use venetoclax, we still have some good options when it stops working in this interview from ASH 2019.
  • CLLAN is an international “umbrella” charity organization that the CLL Society proudly supports. Learn more here.
  • The coronavirus has many of us scared and it might be best in this case to ignore Dr. Koffman’s usual Zen advice to underreact, and this time to overreact to the threat. Read his thoughts and a link to the CDC website for the latest here.

CLL Society Expert Access™

Access to a CLL expert is critical to ensure receiving the best possible care and has proven to improve survival. In partnership with Verastem Oncology and InfiniteMD, the CLL Society is proud to offer this free second opinion program for CLL patients.

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