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The CLL Society Inc. is a patient–centric, physician–curated nonprofit organization focused on
patient education, support and research. Dedicated to addressing the unmet needs of the (CLL) chronic lymphocytic leukemia and
related blood cancer communities, we explain the rapidly changing therapeutic landscape and the importance of clinical trials,
support and build patient networks, engage in research and educate providers and patients.

What’s New in CLL?

  • Dr. Burger at iwCLL 2019, discusses the importance of the B cell receptor and blocking it in CLL.
  • The CLL Society and Dr. Brian Koffman were featured in USA Today in this informative sponsored infographic on CLL.
  • Last week, ClonoSeq, a test that uses next generation sequencing (NGS) to measure deeper levels of minimal residual disease, was approved by Medicare to be paid for in CLL. Read why this is good news.
  • LLS is offering support to help with CLL related travel expenses in California and Hawaii as well as other financial assistance across the country. Learn more here.
  • It’s not just our CLL that determines how well we do. It is also what other illness we have. At EHA 2019, Dr. Danilov discusses his findings related to our co-morbidities.
  • The phase III Alliance A041202 collaborative multi-centered trial demonstrated once and for all the superiority of ibrutinib versus Bendamustine/Rituximab (BR) when used frontline in older CLL patients. Dr. Brander from Duke fills in more details at iwCLL 2019 in Scotland.

CLL Society Expert Access™

Access to a CLL expert is critical to ensure receiving the best possible care and has proven to improve survival. In partnership with Verastem Oncology and InfiniteMD, the CLL Society is proud to offer this free second opinion program for CLL patients.

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