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The CLL Society Inc. is a patient–centric, physician–curated nonprofit organization focused on
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our goal is to provide real, recent and relevant information and to be the “go to place” for CLL patients and caregivers.

What’s New in CLL?

  • Dr. Koffman chooses his top 10 CLL related abstracts from ASCO 2019 and counts them down over the next few weeks. #10 is Cognitive function in CLL/ Examining effects of disease, treatment, and inflammation.
  • CLL changes the immune pathways for its own benefit and to our detriment. However, that does suggest that immune therapies targeting those changes may be helpful. For more on this technical subject from one of Dr. Koffman’s top ten CLL abstracts from ASCO 2019, read and watch here.
  • Dr. Koffman is often asked to share the patient’s perspective. Here is one recent example.
  • The warriors against CLL just got a new arrow in their quiver. To read the CLL Society’s Official Statement on the FDA’s approval of acalabrutinib, please read here.
  • David Maloney is world expert in CAR-T therapy and was one of Brian Koffman’s doctors when he got his cells in Seattle last year. Please enjoy their deeper dive into CAR-T from their conversation at EHA in Amsterdam.

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Access to a CLL expert is critical to ensure receiving the best possible care and has proven to improve survival. In partnership with Verastem Oncology and InfiniteMD, the CLL Society is proud to offer this free second opinion program for CLL patients.

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