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The CLL Society Inc. is a patient–centric, physician–curated nonprofit organization focused on
patient education, support, and research. Dedicated to addressing the unmet needs of the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) community,
our goal is to provide real, recent and relevant information and to be the “go to place” for CLL patients and caregivers.

What’s New in CLL?

  • There are many powerful medications for CLL and even more potent combinations. In Dr. Koffman’s ASH 2018 interview with Professor Hillmen we learn that the timing of when the drugs are given may determine their efficacy.
  • Dr. Brian Koffman shares his bittersweet retirement from family medicine in order to focus solely on the CLL community. Read about this transition in his blog post.
  • Combination therapies have traditionally fared the best in preventing cancer from mutating around a single drug’s attempt to block its growth. While chemo cocktails have proved enormously helpful in many other cancers in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, their role today is very limited. However the good news is that they may soon be replaced by promising combinations of oral targeted therapy. The early CAPTIVATE trial data from ASCO 2018 that presented the exciting finding of the combination of ibrutinib and venetoclax (I+V) in the frontline setting in CLL.

CLL Society Expert Access™

Access to a CLL expert is critical to ensure receiving the best possible care and has proven to improve survival. The CLL Society is launching a program to provide free second opinions for CLL patients who have not had or who are not able to secure such access. Find out more about this program.

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Research Results

The CLL Society regularly polls CLL patients for feedback about educational needs, clinical trial participation, treatment status, self-assessed knowledge of CLL, sources of information, and more.

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