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Okay to change brands of IVIG?

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Ask the Doctor Question:

I have been receiving IVIG replacement (usually four times a year) when my levels have dropped below 400 for over a decade. Though, depending on the medical facility or the physician, this seems to be all over the place. (That is a horror story in itself.) However, I was counseled initially and told that staying with the same brand was crucial – and except for the last two infusions – have been given the same brand of IVIG for all those years. I did inquire each time and the nurse said IVIG is IVIG – that the brand doesn’t matter. The nurse also said that it could change next time as well because apparently, whatever deal they get with whatever product or company, is what they go with, so the brand is likely to change periodically. Please let me know if sticking with the same brand IVIG is no longer relevant?

Answer: While there are theoretical advantages to staying with one brand (such as you being less likely to have a reaction to any of the components), changing brands does happen often and should not change the efficacy of the treatment.