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Ask the Hospice/Palliative Care Doctor Does insurance cover palliative care or hospice? Answer from Dr. Ratner: Hospice is a specific covered benefit in almost every insurance policy, including Medicare and Medicaid.  In almost all cases, the eligibility and benefits follow the Medicare rules.  Thus, eligibility is generally based upon physicians’
Ask the Doctor Question: Why do I get night sweats? Answer: Part of the reason you have night sweats when you have chronic lymphocytic leukemia is because your body turns up its internal thermostat to fight the cancer. It is somewhat of the same as an inflammatory response when your
Ask the Doctor Question: Should I be concerned about two enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen, celac, and periportal. I had one removed during an unrelated surgery.  Lab results: 9/24/2018 of that lymph node: RIGHT CRUS LYMPH NODE:  Sections show a bisected lymph node with associated fibroadipose tissue. The
Ask the Doctor Question: Should CLL patients get annual mammograms? Answer: Yes. Those with CLL must remain diligent with all secondary cancer screenings. Screening for breast cancer with a mammogram would be one of those. This is because those with CLL are more at risk for many secondary cancers, simply