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CLL Society is excited to launch our inaugural virtual Celebrating Long Lives 5K walk/run event! Help us raise $50,000 to support all those impacted by chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL/SLL).

Event Description

You can take part in this event from anywhere, and share your experience and participation over social media. You can take part in this event on your own or join with your whole family, friends, and co-workers. Celebrating Long Lives is an event to recognize, support, and raise awareness of those who have been touched by a CLL/SLL diagnosis, and we hope you will join us.

CLL Society is committed to providing CLL education and support to those living with CLL and their caregivers because we believe Smart Patients Get Smart CareTM. With the right care in CLL, individuals can live long and happy lives. CLL Society’s Celebrating Long Lives 5K event is a tribute to the long and full life someone living with CLL/SLL can have.

While not required, we encourage everyone to become a fundraiser in addition to completing a 5K. By raising money to support the mission of CLL Society, you make a bigger impact and become a part of ensuring people with CLL get their best care possible. It is also your opportunity to share how CLL/SLL has impacted you or someone you know and how CLL Society has helped.

Event Date: Saturday, July 23, 2022

Saturday, July 23, 2022, is designated as the official event day. On the 23rd, CLL Society will be actively sharing on social media everyone from across the country who is participating in Celebrating Long Lives.

If you can’t complete your 5K on this date, you can choose another day leading up to event day to complete your 5K. Be sure still share your participation on social media using #CelebratingLongLives and #CLLS5K22 and tagging @cllsociety so we can follow and re-share your participation.

Registration Details

Registration is open now and costs $30 per person to participate. You may register any time up until the event day, July 23, 2022.

To ensure your event t-shirt and pedometer will arrive before the day of the event, you must register by Thursday, June 30, 2022. If you register after this date, you will still receive an event t-shirt and pedometer, but CLL Society cannot guarantee that they will arrive before the event day.

What Registration Includes

  • Celebrating Long Lives event t-shirt
  • Pedometer to track your steps
  • Digital file of your own customizable event bib
  • Donation to CLL Society (Your $30 fee for registering goes to supporting the mission of CLL Society)
  • Chance to earn CLL Society swag when you sign-up and participate as a fundraiser (details below)

Disclaimer: You must complete the registration form in order to receive your t-shirt, pedometer, event bib, event related communications, and any swag you earn if you participate as a fundraiser.

Become a Fundraiser

While not a requirement of participation, we encourage everyone to become a fundraiser for the mission of CLL Society when you participate in Celebrating Long Lives. This is your chance to invest in the long lives of those with CLL/SLL everywhere by making sure reliable, physician-curated education and support is available.

As you raise more money, you earn CLL Society swag. At the competition of the event, you will get to choose one prize at or below the fundraising level you reach.

$100: Sunglasses

$250: Water Bottle


$500: Drawstring Bag

$1,000: Hat

$5,000: Sweatshirt

The fundraising deadline to be considered for prizes is July 23, 2022, at 11:59 pm PST. Prizes are won individually; team fundraising totals are not considered in awarding prizes.

For assistance setting up your fundraising account, download CLL Society’s Fundraiser Instructions Manual.

If you would like to opt out of receiving one of the CLL Society swag items for your participation as a fundraiser, please complete this short survey.

Tips for Successful Fundraising

  • Personalize your fundraising page. Include a picture of yourself in the event t-shirt and share your story of why you are participating in Celebrating Long Lives.
  • Set a goal amount you want to raise. Don’t be afraid to start small, you can always increase your goal as you go!
  • Share your fundraising page on your personal social media accounts. Use the event hashtags #CelebratingLongLives and #CLLS5K22 and tag @cllsociety on Facebook and Twitter. You can even use popular hashtags like #crowdfunding #CLL #nonprofit #charity #donate to increase the number of people who will see your post.
  • Send out emails to your network about how you are participating in Celebrating Long Lives and fundraising for CLL Society.
  • Have conversations with friends, family, and neighbors about how you are participating in Celebrating Long Lives and fundraising for CLL Society.
  • In every communication you send out, talk about your “why”. Share with people why are you inspired by the mission of CLL Society, how you are personally impacted by CLL/SLL, and what CLL Society has done for you.

To help you spread the word about your participation in Celebrating Long Lives and fundraising for the mission of CLL Society, we have created a Social Media Toolkit along with prepared graphics. Use our prepared messages and graphics as is or personalize them as you like. You can download the materials below.

Disclaimer: Signing up as a fundraiser does not act as a substitution for registering for the Celebrating Long Lives event. You must register in order to receive your t-shirt, your pedometer, event bib, event related communications, and any swag you earn participating as a fundraiser.

How to Participate

Be sure to officially register for the event so you receive all event related communications along with a t-shirt, pedometer, event bib, and any swag you earn if you participate as a fundraiser.

Consider signing up as a fundraiser and raising money to support the mission of CLL Society. When you participate as a fundraiser, you also get the chance to earn swag for reaching various donation levels.

Complete a 5 kilometer (3.1 miles) walk or run at any speed and location you like! If you feel that completing a 5K is outside of your comfort level, you can delegate someone to complete the 5K portion of the event on your behalf. Your 5K distance can even be completed over multiple days.

  • You can complete your 5K in your neighborhood, at a local park, hiking trail, or on a treadmill, to name a few places.
  • If walking/running is not your preferred form of exercise, your 5K can be completed as a bike ride, swim, or in various other forms.

Share Your 5K Journey on Social Media

Wear your t-shirt and share pictures and videos of yourself completing your 5K on social media. Use this as an opportunity to share with your network what motivates you to participate in CLL Society’s Celebrating Long Lives 5K and how CLL impacts your life.

Use our #CelebratingLongLives and #CLLS5K22 event hashtags and be sure to tag @cllsociety on Facebook and Twitter.

To help you spread the word, CLL Society is in the process of preparing social media graphics and messaging that you can use and personalize at your discretion. Click on the buttons below to download our social media toolkit and prepared social media graphics.

Tips for Designing Your Own 5K Course

  • Choose a location and path that you are familiar with and have used before
  • Try to avoid areas of heavy motor vehicle traffic
  • Think about the elevation changes that you will encounter in a given area
  • Use landmarks to designate start and end locations
  • When creating your path, consider that out-and-back and loop paths are the simplest to complete
  • Scope out your planned path ahead of time to make sure it feels comfortable and familiar to you
  • Make a plan for having water available to stay hydrated and consider bringing snacks

Ways You Can Track Your Distance

  • Use your CLL Society pedometer to track your distance. 5 kilometers = ~6,250 steps. How many steps will it take you?
  • Download a free app on your cellphone that can track distance like the ones listed below:
    • Strava
    • Runkeeper
    • Map My Run
  • Use a GPS watch

Contact Us with Questions

CLL Society is grateful to the following companies for sponsoring the 2022 Celebrating Long Lives event.

Gold Level

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Disclaimer for Meeting In-Person With Others to Participate in CLL Society’s Celebrating Long Lives 5K Walk/Run Event

CLL Society takes COVID-19 precautions extremely seriously. We strongly recommend that should you choose to gather in person with other individuals to participate in the Celebrating Long Lives 5K Walk/Run event, you evaluate the risk COVID-19 presents to all individuals involved at the time of the event. In the interest of safety, we are providing the following recommendations for mitigating the risk of infection when choosing to meet in person with others to participate in Celebrating Long Lives.

We highly encourage you to check your COVID-19 Community Level using the CDC risk assessment tool on event day to determine the risk COVID-19 poses in your area. If the tool indicates the risk is moderate or high, meeting in person with others for the event is not recommended.

Deciding whether to participate in Celebrating Long Lives in person as a group should be addressed with each individual. However, it is highly recommended that participants will have received Evusheld as well as all COVID-19 vaccinations and booster doses as recommended by the CDC for those who are immunocompromised; that drink and food not be shared between individuals; that individual’s social distance (remaining at least six feet apart); and wear well-fitted N95 or KN95 masks at all times.

Even taking all precautions, it may be difficult to prevent infections due to the highly contagious nature of the SARS-Cov-2 virus and the imperfect protection afforded by vaccines and even Evusheld, especially for those with CLL/SLL. Therefore, please carefully consider the risk in your planning. CLL Society makes no representations that the use of these recommendations will prevent anyone from experiencing a COVID-19 infection at this event or otherwise.

Thanks for participating in CLL Society’s first Celebrating Long Lives 5K Walk/Run event!