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2022 CLL Society Annual Report

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Our Heartfelt Thank You

We are sincerely grateful for the individuals, foundations, and corporations who invested in us so that we could invest in the long lives of CLL / SLL patients. We would not be able to do our work without your generous contributions. Thank you.

Acknowledged below are the names of individuals who donated $500 or more and provided consent to be listed*. Beyond the names listed below, we received numerous donations of less than $500, while others donated more but wished to remain anonymous. We are extremely grateful for every donation, regardless of the amount.


Anonymous: 3 donors
Carroll Family Fund at Seattle Foundation
Dr. Brian and Patricia Koffman
Vigyan Singhal

$5,000 – $9,999

Linda B. Blackburn
Diane Iorio
Richard J. and Laura A. Malnight
Barbara and Howard Massey
Charles Newman
Arthur Schneider

$1,000 – $4,999

Anonymous: 10 donors
John Aldrich
Michael Allemang
Donald Armenia
Paul Barbehenn
Stacy Barber
Urs Bauder
Janis Benach
Lois Benedetti
Matthew Berry
John Bethell
Steven Bloom
Ed J. Brand
Mark Brenner
Elizabeth A. Bridgman
Nancy Capra
Stephen Chapman
Edward Christenson
Howard and Tikvah Chudler
Lyn Cobb
Janice Cohen
Margaret Conroy
Garrett and Denise Covington
William Cunningham-Corso
Peter Daub
Mae H. Dea Donor Advised Fund
Peter and Jane DeChants
Scott and Tracey Duesterdick
James Durst
Valerie Edwards
Ramses Erdtmann
Michael Fabian
Lisa Freundlich
Joseph and Maureen Geller
Frank Gerig
Russell Haag
Robert Hander
Darrell Harding
Orrin Heller
Julie Hess
Douglas A. Himes
Frank Hochfeld
James Horne
John and Shari Howerton
Hannah Jarson
Paul C. Kenyan
Jonathan Khuner
Charles G. Kogge
William Kyburz
Laurence Lannom
Eileen Letts
Kathy Levi
Joseph L. Liegl
Todd Lindsey
Karen & Wayne Marino
Larry Marion
Mike Green, MD
Carl Migliazzo
Mark Moler
Carol Muchin
Rebecca Newton
Margaret Phillips
Douglas H. Post
James O. Rauch
Robert Redding
David I. Roberts
Leonard Rossoff and Eileen Hilton Donor Advised Fund of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation
Michael Rossoni
True Ryndes
Bernard L. Salamone
John Sanchez
Roger and Nancy Sayler
David Schneider
Jeff Schumer
Jonathan Shack
Haleh Simi
Richard Small
Douglas and Phyllis Smith
Daniel Springer
Ivan Starcic
Deborah Stephens
Harvey H. Stern
Nobuyuki Takahashi
Tom Vernon
Dennis Vicars and Lisa Driver
Peter Vitulli
Aria Vossoughi
Patricia Ann Wallace
Holly Watson-Evans
Steve Winfield
Harvey Yavil
Doug and Lynette Zezoff
Robert and Wanda Zimmer
Lucia Zimmitti

$500 – $999

Anonymous: 7 donors
Leigh and Jon Anderson
Mitch Austin
Joel Bacon
Robert A. Barton
Jim Beenders
Lynne Berry
Robert C. Bjorke
Paul Blackmer
Lindsay Blanton, JR
Carolyn Burton
Nancy Byers-Teague
Ron Campbell
D. L. Carangelo
Dr. Bertrand and Lois Chenard
John and Lisa Christenson
Cheryl and Michael Coirin
Susan Conrad-Kanstul
Jennifer Creager
Matthew S. Davids, MD
Stephen and Cindy Delesie
Debra Demos
Lauren Densmore
Michelle Echelberry
Liz Eldakar
Jacqueline Esteban
Lisa and Jerome Feldman
Roberta Franco
Marlene Galzer
Beverly Goldner
Martin Goldrosen
Jill Gollinger
Geoff Grubbs
Holly Hagler
Kirk Hansen
Janet Heide
Ramesh Hichkad
Harold B. and Alice Hoffman Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Debra Hoffman
Nadine Housri
Ken Sghia Hughes
Edward G. Jaasma
Brian Jackson
Jan Jaffe and Roger Wall
Heidi Kaminsky
Kevin Keller and Keith Brengle
Walter King
Sue Kmetz
Barbara Kositchek
Rita M. Krasnow
John Lewin
Raymond A. Loyd
Joseph Mastroianni
Douglas Maxwell
Debra Mcknight
Suzanne Mellor
Mary A. Mettler
Diane Mitchell
Yvonne Moses
Stuart Ott
Vernie Podsakoff
Brian Re
Aviva K. K. Rosenbloom
Stewart Rothman
Gregg M. Satherlie
Howard Schaffer
Scott’s Sunday School Teachers
Sue Shindell
Stuart Arnold Sirkin
David Snow
Karen Soltis
Bob Steele
Frank Stein
William Struble
Thomas Tarshis
Brad Teague and Nancy Byers-Teague
Michael Touloupas
Edwin Turner
Judith Vertalka
Davelyn Vidrine
Lisa Wadsworth
Nancy Wagman
Karen Wald
Patricia Wall
Thomas Wisnowski
Neil Zolkind

*We made every effort to accurately recognize the donations listed above. If a donation is missing or misrepresented, we are truly apologetic. Please contact Nicole Kamphuis, at [email protected] for a resolution.