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March 26, 2023

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COVID-19 Updates

CLL Society’s COVID-19 Update for the Week of March 20, 2023

CLL Society is going to lessen the number of COVID-19 Updates to monthly at this time, as all trends in numbers right now seem to be on the downward slope. If (and most likely when) another surge in case numbers occur, we will reassess the need to provide more frequent updates again.

CLL Society’s COVID-19 Update for the Week of March 6, 2023

Please read this week’s update which is pertinent to all of those who are immunocompromised, including anyone living with CLL/SLL regardless of treatment status. The goal of these weekly COVID-19 updates is to keep our community informed of the latest information available.

Living with CLL

Reducing Sleep disTurbance in Cancer (REST-C)

A major pharmaceutical manufacturer has commissioned market research to understand the unique issues and concerns of those diagnosed CLL.

Your participation in this project will help to expand on new treatments, as well as enhance awareness and improve education about Blood Cancers.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Help Inform CLL Society’s Advocacy Efforts on Health Insurance Issues

CLL Society is actively engaging in important advocacy and policy-related issues for our community. Often, our advocacy efforts on behalf of patients with CLL/SLL extend to health insurance issues, including difficulty in getting insurance to pay for healthcare and treatment-related costs or requiring multiple hurdles before patients can get what they need. These rules for insurance companies differ based on what kind of health insurance one has.

To better understand the health insurance-related issues facing our community, CLL Society is asking for your participation in this short, 2-minute survey to identify your health insurance coverage. Your participation will ensure CLL Society’s advocacy efforts focus on the issues that most significantly impact our community based on the types of health insurance our patients have. Answers to this survey are completely anonymous.

This survey is exclusively for patients with CLL/SLL. Please complete the survey for yourself as an individual living with CLL/SLL or complete it on behalf of your loved one who is a CLL/SLL patient.

Take the Survey


CLL Society Partners with the All Copays Count Coalition Regarding the Proposed ‘HELP Copays Act’

CLL Society remains hard at work behind the scenes on important advocacy and policy issues that impact those in our community. We recently worked with our partners at the All Copays Count Coalition, signing onto a joint letter to members of the US House of Representatives regarding the “Help Ensure Lower Patient Copays Act” (HELP Copays Act). The proposed bipartisan act would require healthcare plans to count any funds that patients receive from medication copay assistance programs towards their annual capped out-of-pocket expense amount.


Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 9:30 AM PT / 12:30 PM ET

The Importance of Front-Loading Your Knowledge During the Early Journey of CLL/SLL
CLL/SLL is a complicated chronic disease to understand, and there is so much to learn. CLL Specialist, Dr. Joanna Rhodes will explain diagnostic and prognostic testing, the importance of obtaining vaccinations before disease progression, managing emotions and anxiety after finding out you have blood cancer, and other tips for maintaining your overall health. CLL patient advocate Stephen Feldman will share important resources and help moderate your questions.

Learn More and Register Here

On-Demand Replay

If you missed the recent Facebook Live Event, watch the replay now: “Ask Me Anything” – Featuring Dr. Brian Hill and Jeff Folloder!

If you missed the recent webinar on the latest research from ASH 2022 and what it means for people with CLL/SLL with Drs. Sameer Parikh and Brian Koffman, you can catch the replay of ASH 2022 Comes to You here!

Treatment Updates

Equitable Access and Regulatory News