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Bruce Wright Shares His Story as a Veteran Living with CLL

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Bruce Wright is a US Navy Veteran and is living with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Bruce joined multiple podcasts to share stories from his time serving in the Vietnam War, getting exposed to Agent Orange, and raise awareness about CLL and the support he has received from CLL Society.

Bruce also recounts his experience navigating the Veteran Affairs (VA) system to receive healthcare benefits years after his time in the Navy. For some US military Veterans, the environmental exposures they are subject to during service can increase their risk of developing cancers like CLL and small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL). When Bruce was diagnosed with CLL at a VA hospital, it came as a surprise, as it does for most people, because he did not have any symptoms at the time.

Soon after his diagnosis, Bruce found CLL Society, which has helped him navigate living with CLL ever since. With CLL Society, Bruce learned the importance of using the watch and wait period as a time to plan for possible treatment, the importance of finding expert care for CLL, and the value of connecting with fellow individuals impacted by CLL in support groups.

Listen to Bruce’s podcast episodes below:

For veterans living with CLL, CLL Society has a veteran-specific resources page and FAQs For Veterans With CLL and SLL to help navigate the VA, apply for benefits, and find quality care.

CLL Society can connect individuals to a CLL expert physician for a no-cost second opinion consultation through the Expert AccessTM Program.