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Do IgG results portend the need for IGIV/SCIG?

Ask the RN Question: My next visit with the oncologist is on 10/13 (every three months) and I’m extremely concerned about Immunoglobulin issues. Regarding immunity issues, my IgA (17 mg/dl) and IgG (383 mg/dl) are significantly below the normal ranges, and both

Would IVIG be a smart preventive before travel?

Ask the Doctor Question: I am a CLL patient (age 77) anticipating international travel. After d/c ibrutinib treatment, three vaccine doses, but no antibody after vaccine. Monoclonals are not available in absence of symptoms or positive test. Would IVIG be


Immunotherapy is most broadly defined as any treatment that uses a person’s own immune system to fight cancer by boosting or changing how the immune system works so it can better find and attack cancer cells.