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Locations CLL Support Groups May Be Forming

To find out when and where groups meet, check out our Support Group Calendar.

There has been interest in forming new CLL-specific support groups in a number of cities.

When interest is expressed, we create a survey to gather contact information and preferences regarding days/times/frequency of meetings. It can take several months to get enough patients and caregivers signed up, so please help by spreading the word in your local community. You can ask us to supply you with flyers that can de distributed at the local doctors’ offices. Once we have enough people interested, at least one identified facilitator and a location to meet, we will provide training for the facilitator(s) and ongoing mentoring to get the group started and keep it going.


When appropriate, the CLL Society will be posting updates and background information on the present Coronavirus pandemic focusing on reliable primary sources of information and avoiding most of the news that is not directly from reliable medical experts or government and world health agencies.