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March 17, 2016

I remember the day my dad told me about his health. It was in September. I called to video chat with the family because it was his birthday. The family gathered around my brother’s laptop at the kitchen table. This is their usual arrangement for weekend chats. We joked
This is the story of my reaction to my husband being diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia at the age of 64. And being treated at age 67. And being treated again at age 68. I will share how I reacted to his diagnosis initially, how I went about seeking
The reasons to be an informed and proactive patient are becoming more cogent and numerous than just a few years ago. Whether we are a newly diagnosed (DX) patient or a Wait & Watch (W&W) patient approaching the need of treatment (TX) we can enhance the quality and length
In this short audio interview from the LFR’s North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma that was held in Brooklyn Oct. 2-4, 2015, Wayne shares why he attends live patient educational forums such as this and what he gets out of these meetings.
Adherence to oral cancer medications is not a one-person solution – it requires a team effort. Asking questions of our healthcare team and educating ourselves can help us be adherent.
Why the Patient’s Perspective is So Important Part 1: Whom am I? I was asked by friends to help with a campaign to ensure that the voice of informed patients be heard more loudly, more clearly and more often at large medical congresses such as ASH (American Society
CLL is too often still called the “good cancer” and all of us CLL patients rightfully hate that. No cancer is good. But perhaps the problem is more with the word cancer than the word good. We are pleased when our doctors tell us that we have the “good”