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March 27, 2017

equired treatment, has refused chemo-immunotherapy and has knocked back his disease not once, but twice with an aggressive multi-part response to his cancer with a deeply healthy life style.
When my regular cholesterol blood tests came back in November 2015 with a slightly elevated Absolute Lymph Count (ALC) of 6.53 (vs range of 2.3-3.6), my primary care physician suggested that I take it again in December. When it was still above normal, he suggested I meet with a
By Nancy O’Brien Simpson – Patient The year was 2005, and I was a psychotherapist who had the world by the tail. A gorgeous family, an amazing home, a stellar career, fun friends. And, I also had a lump on my neck. Then I asked my PC about it
By Jennifer Woolf – Patient My local oncologist was both urgent and firm in telling me that I needed to begin treatment for CLL immediately. I hesitated. “You owe it to your family,” he said. I continued to question him. “How can you do this to your children?” he
By Derek Caine – Patient In the autumn of 2003, I saw a picture of myself at a party and noticed a swelling on my neck. I saw my GP and he thought it might have something to do with blocked saliva ducts so he made an appointment for