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CLL Set Me Free

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 painted by Christina Fisher – Patient

During my recent stay at OHSU, I was encouraged to participate in the patient art program.  I painted “CLL Set Me Free” because it’s always in our heads, it’s such a deeply personal and individual journey for all of us who typically appear normal on the outside but live with the thoughts daily, I was hoping to put those feelings on canvas.

Painting by Christina Fisher
CLL Set Me Free

I grew up in Oregon near Mt. Hood and was raised to enjoy all of the outdoor sports activities that go with our area, raised cattle and hay and have been a real estate broker as long as I can remember.  I never left our wonderful state and take advantage of our outdoors often by skiing, paddleboarding, riding my dual sport motorcycle, seeing our grown kids as often as possible, playing with my red heeler and enjoy our hot tub during sunsets in the evenings!  After chasing a diagnosis for almost a year, I finally received it on December 17, 2013. I finished a 15 month drug trial last year and immediately went into my current Venetoclax/Rituximab treatment this January under the supervision of the incredibly intelligent and kind Dr. Alexey Danilov, I’m feeling very good and hopeful for the future!


Originally published in The CLL Tribune Q2 2019.

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