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Living With CLL

Yesterday, April 6, 2022, I had 2½ years of hair growth shorn. My last haircut had been before the annual ASH conference held in December 2019.
CLL Society is collaborating with RTI-Health Solutions (RTI-HS), a non-profit research organization in North Carolina, to learn about the perspectives and treatment preferences of individuals with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). The study is being conducted on behalf of a pharmaceutical company to ensure that new treatments best reflect patients’
Margaret wrote this heart-wrenchingly honest and lucid account of her young husband’s passing soon after his chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) went bad and transformed to Richter’s Syndrome or Transformation. Not everyone who develops Richter’s has such a grim story, but sadly too many still do.
We lost a CLL friend, advocate, and scholar to COVID-19. I am heartbroken and not sure where to start my personal tribute. Tom Henry was a special person, active in multiple forums, extraordinarily generous in sharing his wisdom as a pharmacist, faith, and hard-earned experience as a CLL patient.
These are indeed uncharted waters. There is the obvious risk of ventilators and death with everyone we encounter a possible unwitting carrier of the virus. For those of us who are both older and immunocompromised, there is a psychological element to all this that is underestimated.