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December 7, 2020

By Utkarsh Acharya, DO, FACP Dr. Acharya took amazing care of me when I had my CAR-T therapy in Seattle. He writes a more advanced article about why there is so much excitement about therapies that use living cells and speculates on where that therapy is headed. This article
By Michele Palmer- Patient The morning of the 2018 Boston Marathon started ominously: gusty winds, drenching rain, and temperatures in the thirties. Not the best weather for a race – or for me. It was the day I was discharged from Massachusetts General Hospital, several weeks after receiving CAR-T
All our MRD educational efforts are directed at the non-medical reader, but they also endeavor to be a true reflection of what’s happening in professional research and in the cutting edge CLL clinic.
By Larry Saltzman – Patient My CAR T journey began in 2016. My CLL journey began in 2010 with a prognosis based on my markers of 8 years. For those first six years, I was on wait and watch, 6 months of chemo, ibrutinib and a colon resection for an
By Laurie Adami – Patient I am Laurie Adami and I grew up in the Northeast, moving to the Boston area when I was in high school.  I attended Colgate University majoring in Russian language and international relations. After graduating, I was recruited by the intelligence agencies but elected