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What 3M N95 mask is best for SLL patients?

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What 3M N95 mask is best for SLL patients?

Answer: The CDC provides quite a long list of approved manufacturers on their website here:

Be careful about sellers who are advertising cheap N95’s as knockoffs under the wrong premise. For that reason, we recommend sticking to the CDC list. You can click on any of the company links that are listed and then look to see if they sell them directly from their website. Unfortunately, many times if they do sell them directly, they are going to be generally sold in large bulk amounts for hospitals and such. Sometimes you can find the company’s same exact mask on Amazon and buy them in much smaller quantities. Just make sure you research the seller first to make sure they are legitimate and have good ratings/comments from other customers.

Healthcare providers are typically provided N95’s from 3M when working in a hospital. Those are available on Amazon as well. If you go the Amazon route, always make sure the mask has the 3M stamp on it and make sure you review the seller ratings before ordering.