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Hope is Here in CLL: Oncology Nurse Strategies for Delivering Effective, Compassionate, and Modern Care to Patients

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Recorded on Friday, April 29, 2022 

CLL Society and PeerView Institute present this NCPD-certified program featuring nurse-to-nurse, case-based education on chronic lymphocytic leukemia designed to illustrate how nurses can decisively implement the latest recommendations for effective use of innovative therapeutics.

Case-centric “Clinical Consult” segments will provide strategic guidance on how to apply evidence-based practice principles when using first- and second-generation BTK inhibitors; BCL-2 inhibitor–based regimens; novel antibodies; and cellular therapy. Learn important toxicity management, dosing, drug interaction, and safety management strategies designed to reorient care to address patient needs.

Nurses remain the common thread linking informed CLL treatment decisions with day-to-day patient management across the therapeutic journey. This program is geared towards oncology nurses, but patients and caregivers are welcome to attend.

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