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CLL Society Letter Writing Campaign to Congress: Please Consider the Immunocompromised When Making COVID-19 Decisions

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From May through July of 2022, CLL Society organized a grassroots letter-writing campaign engaging the powerful voices of our community. Nearly 1,000 letters were sent to elected members of Congress reminding them that those with CLL / SLL are part of the estimated seven million immunocompromised Americans, and these individuals continue to be at higher risk for poor outcomes should they become infected with COVID-19.

This advocacy effort was to remind Congress about the importance of giving proper attention to the ongoing needs of the immunocompromised as future decisions are being made, including when considering any future funding to cover the costs of testing, vaccinations, and life-saving COVID-19 treatments.

CLL Society believes that with the emergence of each new COVID-19 variant of concern, our elected government officials must have a long-term strategy in mind when it comes to anticipating the country’s ongoing needs related to COVID-19 preventative therapies and treatments.

CLL Society would like to extend our gratitude to each of you who engaged in this critical campaign.