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CLL Society Education On-Demand: The Importance of Front-Loading Your Knowledge During the Early Journey of CLL / SLL

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Recorded April 12, 2023

Upon diagnosis most people with CLL / SLL are told that they don’t need to immediately start any treatment and instead they will be closely monitored. This can be extremely puzzling and counterintuitive when you have just been told you have cancer. This early monitoring phase of the CLL / SLL journey in which treatment is not yet recommended is usually referred to as either ‘Active Observation’, ‘Active Surveillance’, or ‘Watch and Wait’.

CLL / SLL is an extremely complicated chronic disease to understand, and there is so much to learn! Please join CLL Specialist, Dr. Joanna Rhodes as she explains diagnostic and prognostic testing, the importance of obtaining vaccinations before disease progression, managing emotions and anxiety after finding out you have blood cancer, and other tips for maintaining your overall health. CLL Patient Advocate Stephen Feldman will share important resources and help moderate your questions.



Robyn Brumble photo

Robyn Brumble, MSN, RN
Director of Scientific Affairs & Research
CLL Society


Dr. Joanna Rhodes

Joanna M. Rhodes, MD, MSCE
Director of Lymphoma Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey



Stephen Feldman
CLL Patient Advocate

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