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CLL Society Supports Annual CMS Report for “Smoothing” Program

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CLL Society joined over 50 patient and provider organizations in an appeal to members of the U.S. Congress requesting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) include a report on implementation results of the new “smoothing” program (also known as the Medicare Prescription Payment Plan) in their 2025 Fiscal Year report.

The report would include (1) the number of beneficiaries enrolling in the smoothing option and the total number categorized as “likely to benefit” from the program, (2) information on the methods CMS is using to encourage participation, and (3) additional outreach efforts outside of CMS.

This is part of CLL Society’s ongoing effort to ensure patients easily understand the smoothing program and its enrollment process. Kicking off Jan. 1, 2025, the program will give Medicare beneficiaries the option to “smooth” their Part D out-of-pocket costs through the Medicare Prescription Payment Plan. Because smoothing is set up as a voluntary program and beneficiaries must re-enroll each year, it is critical that its availability and benefits are clearly conveyed, especially to patients with high prescription drug costs. Read the letter below.

Download the letter here.