What Doctors Say About
Test Before Treat™

What critical concern could compel these CLL Experts from some of the top research centers around the world, to come before our cameras and speak so urgently to you, our readers? The answer: Test Before Treat™! The truth is that critical tests which can predict which patients will do well on or fail certain medications and should be done before each and every treatment decision, are often not being done… or are being done and the results are ignored. Take our patients’ stories to heart. Print out our one-pager. Share it with your doctor. Smart Patients Get Smart Care™.

Test Before Treat™
Patient Stories

Whatever the stage of your journey with CLL, chances are good that your fellow CLL Society readers have walked or are walking that very road. Through the generous sharing of their stories we can gain strength, courage and information.

Please read and act at all times as your own best advocate. Smart Patients Get Smart Care™.