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Dr. Koffman and Dr. Pleyer discuss the findings from two studies that were previously mentioned in earlier stages of the trial that can be found here. Dr. Pleyer looked at immune response rates in CLL patients after receiving the HEPLISAV-B for preventing hepatitis, and the Shingrix vaccine for preventing
Question I am confused about the use of vaccinations as a CLL patient. Do I still get annual flu vaccinations? IF there is a Covid-19 vaccine should I get it? Should I get the Pneumococcal vaccine? What about a Tetanus Booster? Answer We recommend that CLL patients get all
When it comes to contagious diseases like the flu, CLL patients are among the most vulnerable to infection and serious complications. Due to an impaired immune system, however, the flu vaccine might not give them as much protection as healthy individuals receive. Nevertheless, the flu vaccine is highly recommended