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February 2022 CLL Bloodline

Over the course of a year of monthly meetings, the CLL Bloodline will teach the BASICS needed to understand CLL, bring news, help with the acronyms and new vocabulary, and offer

CLL Testing

CLL / SLL Testing & Imaging There are multiple types of blood tests that you may encounter during your CLL journey. For the newly diagnosed, getting the appropriate testing and knowing

iwCLL 2019: Dr. Nicole Lamanna on Biomarker Testing for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

As the science of chronic lymphocytic leukemia has advanced, we have learned much more detailed information about its biology and the specific chromosomes, genes, and proteins that contribute to the disease. Checking for specific abnormalities in chromosomes and genetic variants can help doctors evaluate a patient’s prognosis and predict what treatments might work best.

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