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Do you know of a genetic link regarding CLL?

Ask the Doctor Question: Several weeks ago, I was diagnosed with CLL. Today, my oncologist, told me I am in Stage 1. Ironically, my sister was diagnosed with CLL about two-years ago. She is 81 and I am 73. She

Difficulty breathing/ question about pneumonia.

Ask the Doctor Question: I was diagnosed with CLL in 3/2021, and also unmutated.  (There are a couple other markers, but I don’t have papers in front of me.)  I have Splenomegaly as well.  I have fatigue, night sweats, chills,

Interview with 20-Year CLL Survivor Terry Evans

Interview with 20-Year CLL SurvivorTerry EvansCLL Society’s Director of Support Groups Meet Terry Evans In isolation, we are having conversations with and sharing our worries about our CLL with only ONE person: ourselves. This is too big a burden to